In this guest blog about H₂O Heroes, Ellie-Rose, one of the students from Trinity School writes about their water-saving work and achievements.

Trinity School are the winners of H₂O Heroes! Fifteen Year 8's have been working hard to engage the school community in activities that involve saving water.

Our H₂O Heroes journey began when we first met the H₂O Heroes team from Global Action Plan. They told us how much of a privilege it is to be able to get clean water straight out of a tap – not everyone is as fortunate as us and some people have to walk miles to get to a water source. In addition to there being a global shortage of water, we also learned about how wasting water can lead to climate change, and that climate change can lead to water stress meaning there is less water available for us here in the UK.

We then came up with lots of different activities to encourage the school community to use water more carefully and waste less. Some of the projects we created included:

  • Teaching and encouraging people about how useful rainwater can be, by setting a competition to year 8 students where they designed devices to collect rain water and then use the rain water to grow cress seeds and sunflowers
  • Creating posters for the science labs to stop students turning on taps in the rooms unnecessarily
  • Setting up a ‘pledge pond’ at lunchtimes for three weeks where the rest of the school had the opportunity to come along and make a pledge about what they will do to stop wasting water
  • Visits to four primary schools where we delivered assemblies about water and set the schools the rainwater collecting challenge where they also need to use it to grow cress seeds and sunflowers
  • A non-school uniform day, where we raised £830 for Water Aid. On the morning of this day we led an Act of Worship for Year 8 and set all Year 8 forms the rain water harvesting challenge too!
  • We performed short plays to year 7s at the beginning of their geography lessons this week. The play taught the year 7s about the importance of water, and the variety of ways we can stop wasting it. Each year 7 geography class then made rain water harvesting devices and set them up ready to grow cress seeds in geography lessons!
  • Two of the H₂0 Heroes members have also given talks to their scout groups and church groups that they belong to, about why it is so important to save water and what they could do to reduce wasting water.

This was an exciting project aimed at changing peoples’ behaviour. I think throughout this project we gained a substantial amount of knowledge about how to save water and I think this project has been a fantastic and tremendously fun and rewarding chance to give people a new perspective, save water and become H₂O HEROES!!! 

Our H₂O Heroes Winners’ Top Tips

    • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth
    • Take short showers – no more than 4-5 minutes. Use a shower timer
    • Use the short flush on the toilet whenever possible
    • Fill a bowl when washing up in the kitchen
    • Fill the washing machine full of clothes before washing clothes
    • Take short showers instead of baths
    • Collect rain water in the garden using water butts, this can be used to water plants or even wash the car!
    • Use a bucket to wash the car or water the plants, not a hose