Chris Large, Senior Partner at Global Action Plan shares his opinion on the abolition of the DECC

I’ve just read that the Department of Energy and Climate Change has been abolished – another change in a time of extreme uncertainty.

Yet in these times of uncertainty, I still know two things. That a greener society is better for us; and that we – me, you, friends, colleagues, children and parents – can make this a reality now.

Adopting eco-friendly habits now can make our air cleaner, our public services budgets stretch further, improve our mental health and wellbeing, and foster enriching, thriving and welcoming local neighbourhoods for our families.

Just this year, reports have highlighted the benefits of addressing environmental issues. There was first-ever proof from The Royal College of Physicians that long-term exposure to air pollution causes increased rates of child asthma. There is £125m waiting to be saved each year, by making hospitals more energy efficient, says the Carter Review on NHS spending.

Hospitals are a perfect example of how environmental actions simply make life better. When hospitals use more natural light, control temperature, cut unnecessary use of noisy equipment and minimise night time light - then patients sleep better, use less medication and leave hospital faster. Nurses even tell us that their happiness at work improves, with calmer wards and better-rested patients.

Environmental policy in the UK appears so uncertain after the EU referendum, with government changes and the abolishment of DECC. But I know that we can make change happen right now if we believe in people’s ingenuity, hard work and bravery.

We need leaders, chosen not by hierarchy but by their willingness to step forward. They will have the courage to walk towards a future we all want, and the collaborative spirit to welcome everyone around them to join that journey. In our programmes, we see schoolchildren, pharmacists, building managers, shop assistants, call centre workers and people from all walks of life showing that leadership. While uncertainty exists, we’re carrying on our mission by focusing on what everyone can do, right now, to build a green, prosperous and healthy society.