We asked some of our associates to tell us about their Moments of Change – most of them emerged when they were at school, or during a big life change such as marriage or children. What about you? – tell us your story in the comments below.

"My own moment of change was the time of the Ethiopian famines in the 1980s. Yet again, we did too little too late; we distanced ourselves from the problem and we denied our common humanity. This month, Elie Wiesel passed away. He taught us to remember – and to act."

Jeremy Oppenheim, Chair of trustees, Global Action Plan, and Founding Partner, SystemiQ

"If there was one moment that caused me to sit up, it was on honeymoon, whilst scuba diving in the Seychelles and witnessing the appalling coral bleaching. I remember that giving me a horrible jolt and returning to the UK full of angst and woe!"

Mark Sainsbury, co-founder of The Zetter Group, co-founder of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, trustee for the Ashden Awards

"My wife was two weeks away from giving birth to our first child, and we were staying with my parents. I had been for a run, and needed a book to read in the bath, when I saw the Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock on my father’s kitchen table. The changing climate, he argued, would result in the earth’s population falling from 12 billion in 2030 to around 2 billion in 2100… which pretty much mapped out my child’s life. I came to the conclusion that the only thing that would prove him wrong was human ingenuity. I decided to join in on the ingenuity side, and I’ve been working with business as the solution ever since. Rosie is now 10 years old!" 

Jim Woods, CEO, The Crowd

"When I was around 10 years old, my great joy in life was going to Burnham Beeches, a magnificent area of ancient woodland west of London. I’d borrow my neighbour’s dog, go wandering for hours in the woods with him, and soak up the natural world.
I discovered in my local paper that there was going to be a road put through the Beeches, and a plan for gravel workings on the edge of the woods. I didn’t understand it all but I felt deeply I needed to act to save what I loved, and I joined a local campaign - my first ever, and probably my most successful! That was my moment of change."

Ian Christie, Fellow, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey

"When I was 15 years old, my science teacher was lecturing us about climate change and he made a statement: ‘Our generation has created this problem and it will be up to you to solve it.’ Combined with many years in the Scouting movement and many hiking and canoeing trips in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I decided to try to make a career out of addressing climate change." 

Murray Birt, Vice President at Deutsche Asset Management

"Aged 7, I volunteered to help build a conservation park because certain types of birds were becoming depleted in numbers. I've always questioned everything. I never accept the status quo 'just because' and I am intrinsically driven to change things for the better in some way. I kind of think that's my life purpose. And I always see the opportunity over the challenge. "

Fiona Daly, Associate Director of Sustainability and Patient Transfer, Barts Health NHS Trust

What about you? – tell us your story in the comments below.

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