In this blog post, Programme Assistants Alec Hammond and Amber Robinson discuss the importance of taking lunch breaks and how they're working to break our bad lunchtime habits.

We all know that humans are not programmed to work for long periods of time without taking a break. It’s kind of obvious, right? We did a bit of research on lunch-break habits and it turns out there are plenty of ways we actually avoid taking the break we need - which isn't good news for our well-being.

We did a little investigation in our office and found out that on average we at GAP take a lunch break about half the time. This isn't bad compared to many organisations, but there’s room for improvement - especially with our new Mission focusing so much on happiness and well-being. After researching all of the benefits of taking a break we found a huge list of reasons why breaks were important - from decreasing negative emotions and increasing positive ones, to boosting our creativity and improving our productivity. We also identified 5 common types of 'lunch break avoider' - do any of them sound like you?

So what next?

Whether you're a desk luncher, stealth snacker, quickie-r, workaholic or meteorologist the good news is - there's hope for you all! We've now launched an internal lunch break campaign to encourage our lunch-break shy colleagues to break their bad habits. For the next four weeks we've arranged communal lunches, lunchtime puzzles, book swaps and more to remind GAP staff how important lunch breaks are... for their own health and happiness, as well as their productivity.

Watch this space to hear more about how our project goes!