Operation TLC led to staff at Frimley Park Hospital switching off lights two hours earlier at night. Patients were able to get better rest and more sleep and the change drastically reduced the hospital’s energy consumption.

Global A young lady standing next to an idea boardAction Plan worked with Frimley Park Hospital to run Operation TLC in the wards. Over the course of a year we focussed on two campaign areas – improving night time lighting switch off and reducing equipment left on overnight.

The results were fantastic:

  • Lights in wards were switched off two hours earlier at night
  • Staff reported patients were happier in mornings
  • Over £17,000 of audited energy savings were achieved
  • 71,000 kgCO2e avoided, enough to fill Big Ben 8 times

After the campaign, we spoke to Gillian Brown, the Environment Manager for Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust to find out her thoughts about Operation TLC.

What surprised you the most?
What were you most excited by?
Most effective part of the project
Did training improve your understanding
Overall impression of the night time switch off campaign
Would you roll Operation TLC out to other hospitals
What should people know about behaviour change