The 24 - 28 April 2017 is Fashion Revolution Week, a week in which we challenge the fashion industry and demand more transparency about supply chain and where our clothes come from. Here at GAP, we're very aware that often fashion comes at the price of other people or the planet (and we don't want that!) so we challenged GAP staff to come to work on Monday 24 April wearing a 'guilt-free' item of clothing.

The team rose to the challenge and came to work in their best charity shop buys, hand-knitted jumpers and clothes they'd inherited from friends or family. Our top tips for 'guilt-free' fashion are -

  1. Visit local charity shops 
  2. Share clothes with friends or family
  3. Make your own clothes!
  4. Buy from brands with more ethical supply chains - check out the 2017 Transparency Index from Fashion Revolution to find out which brands are best.

Take a look at some of our stylish sustainable outfits below!

We're really interested how our relationship with 'stuff' is impacting our wellbeing, other's wellbeing and the environment. In our report on 'Our Relationship with Stuff' we found that buying stuff doesn't make us happy, and recommended practical ways we could change our throwaway culture to improve our wellbeing. We'll be exploring this more in Life Life (Not The Planet) To The Max, our new programme which will support young people across Europe to buck the pressure to buy ever more stuff. 

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram feeds to follow us on our journey as we continue to challenge the role of stuff.