A visit from two42theatre company.

This week I met Jo Griffiths, co-founder of two42theatre, who delivered to me and other members from the GAP team a drama-inspired communications workshop.

Jo was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year and having spent a gruelling two months engaging and encouraging passers-by on the street to enjoy her latest production she had some tried and tested techniques to share in making an immediate impact and staying buoyant amidst a sea of rejection. Our two hour session overflowed with communication enhancers to propel our engagement technique to better and beyond.

We jumped from word association to hosting a radio show to one line improvisation to the finale; showcasing GAP through performance in small groups. All the while thinking on our feet and keeping up dialogues, a skill that is imperative to the successes of GAPs projects and encouraging our clients to get on board and make behaviour change happen. Some very weird and very wonderful things came from the many ‘on the spot’ activities and topics of conversations ran from anacondas, being locked in a bathroom to moustaches – an unusual but incredibly fun insight into what is going on in our minds!

The feedback from Jo was amazing. Despite the fact that some of us had never worked on a project together Jo thought we were a really tight nit group that exuberated confidence, testament to our existing communication skills and the open, honest and trusting environment that GAP has created to support our learning.

Freshly energised and bursting with enthusiasm we left ready to take on the masses!