The way we consume is in crisis

In our society, lots of people see success as what we earn and what we own, but our pursuit of success by accumulating more stuff is destroying our natural world. The amount of stuff we have has needlessly ballooned over the last few decades. If everyone bought, ate and used like we do in the UK, we’d need 3 planets.

To top it all off, having all of this stuff isn’t even making us happy. The last 30 years has seen a dramatic rise in young people’s levels of depression, anxiety and unhappiness. Materialistic values coupled with pressure to consume from advertising and social media have a lot to answer for in this worrying trend. But there is hope.

We know that by reducing pressures to buy, buy, buy, young people can really focus on what matters most to them: creating memories with loved ones, learning, enjoying the outdoors, being creative and active citizens. By supporting our work, you are helping our growing movement of young people across the country lead happy, healthy lives within the earth’s limits.

Without action, we know that the consequences of resource scarcity and the climate breakdown could be catastrophic. We also know that young people’s connectedness with nature, sense of community, happiness and wellbeing will continue to erode. We need to act now by:

  1. Teaching young people about the dangers and opportunities of new technology by working with schools to run local campaigns on the impact of electronic gadgets and screen-time on our lives.
  2. Protecting students from manipulative advertising tactics by running lessons to understand the tricks behind the advertising trade and explore what it is that really makes them happy - spoiler alert: not having more stuff!
  3. Equipping more young people to change their lives and those of others for the better by working with young people through a series of workshops, challenging them to set life goals that are good for them and the planet.

Please help if you can – a kind donation of £5, £10, £20 will allow us to do more of this kind of work and help more young people at a time that is so important to shape our shared future. Regular donations help us to plan for the future, but whatever you might give is appreciated. Thank you.

Thank you for your support.