We believe that the disadvantaged among us shouldn’t feel like they can’t fulfil a ‘perfect Christmas’ without breaking the bank. When most of us think of Christmas we remember the wonderful meals, maybe some singing, the family time and the laughter. But many do not have such happy memories and lack the role models, experience and confidence to create these types of memories for their kids. 

Pressure from kids, advertising and social convention weighs heavily on parents at Christmas - and those on low incomes worry much more about whether their children will be happy with their presents than their more affluent counterparts, getting into considerable debt in the process.

How can you help?

Help us to work with families in disadvantaged areas across the UK to create extraordinary, hilarious and memorable moments next Christmas without creating more debt. We plan to hold events to give parents the confidence, tools and inspiration to make Christmas 2018 the most special one yet. Run Elfless Acts as a fundraiser this Christmas - whether you kindly raise £10, £50 or £100, it will all help bring families closer and to develop skills to create happy memories rather than waste, stress and debt.

Thank you for your support.