Let stocks last

Only 1% of what goes into making our stuff is still in use after six months.


Author: Adriana Spence

Elfless Acts

Do an Elfless Act this Christmas. Join thousands of others using the fun #ElflessActs tool to gift time and experiences this Christmas.


Author: Rachel Marsh


We talk to Olivia Knight, founder of gift registry website Patchwork about giving people presents they really want, creating a community and protecting the planet


Author: Rachel Marsh

101 things that will make you feel better than shopping

Our Senior Partner, Chris Large, and Youth Network Lead, Abi Aldridge, share their list of 101 things that will make you feel better than shopping.


Author: Abi Aldridge

Do an Elfless Act for Charity

Help disadvantaged families create extraordinary, hilarious and memorable moments next Christmas, without creating more debt.


Author: Rachel Marsh

Target amount: £0.00

Amount raised: £1.00

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