Our Senior Partner, Chris Large, and Youth Network Lead, Abi Aldridge, share their list of 101 things that will make you feel better than shopping.

When we asked people in the street in Covent Garden, London, how much they enjoyed shopping, 54% rated shopping as less important than other leisure activities, and many said they didn’t enjoy it at all.

So why were they shopping.

They “needed something”, they said, or “were buying a gift” or were just “killing time”.

So here’s some inspiration for different ways to use that spare time, or give a gift, without having to brave the shops. 101 things that will often cost less, give longer lasting satisfaction, be a gift your loved one will really remember and might even give you an adrenaline buzz too.

1. Have a nap
2. Climb a tree
3. Walk up a hill to see the view
4. Call an old friend
5. Teach your parents to Skype
6. Start the hobby you've always fancied trying
7. Listen to your favourite album with someone who hasn't heard it before
8. Listen to your favourite album just for you
9. Soak in the bath
10. Watch cute cat videos
11. Go to a comedy night
12. Meditate
13. Volunteer for a charity
14. Watch a film
15. Cuddle up with a loved one under the duvet for the afternoon
16. Read a book
17. Email your local councillor and ask them to act on a cause you care about
18. Walk down 5 streets you've never visited
19. Run or walk as far as you can
20. Prepare a special meal
21. Do a favour for a neighbour
22. Write a list of 5 things you are grateful for
23. Look at your favourite holiday photos
24. Write a thank you note to somebody
25. Mend a slightly damaged item that you treasure
26. Take a class
27. Go to a talk
28. Plan an adventure
29. Invite someone to go on an adventure with you
30. Count how many different things you can hear and see
31. Teach a child something new
32. Write a joke
33. Do something you enjoyed doing as a child
34. Organise a party
35. Smile at 10 people
36. Get off the bus or train at a stop with the most exotic name and explore
37. Go to a gallery or museum
38. Do something that scares you just a little bit
39. Donate to a charity that works on a problem you care about
40. Have a clear out
41. Work out what gift you can give for Christmas that money can't buy
42. Give yourself some praise for all the good things you've done this week
43. Bake a cake for your colleagues
44. Invent a new game
45. Write a story
46. Do an escape room,
47. Go on a treasure hunt
48. Do a jigsaw puzzle
49. Ask someone to share their troubles or their joys
50. Get out in to nature
51. Do something that literally gets your hands dirty
52. Make your own plates at a pottery class
53. Attend a lecture
54. Cook a menu of food from a country you've never visited
55. Swim in cold water
56. Cancel unwanted subscriptions
57. Have a phone free day
58. Spend the day naked
59. Make a batch of soup
60. Take an old friend out for lunch
61. Read about something you don't understand
62. Write a poem or song
63. Google the best 10 jokes of all time
64. Turn an old t shirt in to a bag
65. Make a coffee table out of pallets
66. Knit a woolly hat or scarf
67. Wear fancy dress for the hell of it
68. Speak in a French accent for the day and pretend to be French
69. Learn to speak French properly
70. Have a newspaper sword fight
71. Treat yourself to being pampered
72. Watch a sport you've never seen before
73. Go and explore your local park
74. Ask someone to share their dreams
75. Go street art spotting
76. Sing your troubles away – karaoke!
77. Lie down outside and watch the clouds going by
78. Offer to help someone dig their garden or allotment
79. Release the inner geek and go train or bird spotting
80. Stretch out properly
81. Plan out that new diet or fitness regime you've been contemplating
82. Have a freezer feast, eating those things that have loitered in deep freeze for too long
83. Plant something
84. Go to a silent disco
85. Leave an anonymous treat on your colleague’s desk
86. Slide across something slidey, just for the joy of it
87. Make up an alter ego
88. Imagine a world without glass
89. Shout out loud
90. Write down your worries on a paper tree - bin the ones you can't change, change the ones you can
91. Paint a face on a boiled egg, then eat it's brains
92. Tickle someone
93. Wear a hat at a jaunty angle and promenade
94. Repair something that has been damaged for a while
95. Find and try out a new recipe
96. Grab your hairbrush and sing along to your favourite song
97. Dance around the house like you’re in a music video
98. Invite friends over and cook a meal together
99. Have a social media detox – no social media for a day, or week!
100. Offer to help a loved one - by doing that one thing they hate doing for them
101. Look through old photographs and make a scrapbook

What makes you feel good? Share your go to happy places, actions and activities with us on social media!