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Season's Greetings!

With your support we've achieved some wonderful things over the past year.
We'd love to share just a few of our proudest moments with you.

Over 1.8 million MTV followers viewed our Flickers of the Future winner, Bethan Moore's spoof propaganda video urging citizens to "Bonk for Britain" for the good of the planet!

Together with Virgin Media O2, in an effort to supercharge the conversation, our Global Action Plan Youth Environmental Expert Francisca Rockey, teamed up with Kurupt FM's Seapa and Hugo for a special climate-focussed episode of their hit podcast
"Chattin' Shit To Save The Planet".

We worked with Unilever and the production team at Picture Zero to expose the values perception gap: the idea that we think others don't care about people and planet, when most actually do.

With the BlueAir Freedom to Breathe campaign, we worked internationally to empower 29,674 children to call on the UN for their right to clean air.

Philip Jaffé, vice-chair of the UN committee 
of the rights of the child responded: "We need an air  quality revolution... and I will do everything I can with my colleagues to support you in what you  are doing."

The Sustainable City Awards in partnership with Mayor of London celebrated Londoners working to make life in the capital more sustainable.

To find out more about what
we've been doing this year,
check out our latest news.



Thank you to those who have helped us
to make everything happen this year.