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Our work

We focus on issues where the connection between the health of people and our planet is most tangible. This allows us to show the deep interrelationship and drive solutions that prioritise wellbeing for all. Our two current focus issues are air pollution and the excessive consumption of stuff.

Our Clean Air work

Clean air is essential for our health and the health of the planet. Air pollution causes heart and lung disease and results in over 36,000 people in the UK dying each year. To clean up our air we need to make rapid changes, such as: going polluting-vehicle free by adopting active travel and avoiding non-essential deliveries, slashing industrial and business emissions, and avoiding domestic burning in our homes.

Change at this scale requires us to work as a movement. This includes changemakers across the country collaboratively modelling and exerting pressure on the UK government and major polluters. As an organisation our aim is to kick start and mobilise this movement, empowering people to act on air pollution today.

As part of our movement mobilising, we:

  • Co-ordinate the UK's largest air pollution campaign, Clean Air Day.
    Support schools and hospitals to implement clean air action plans.
    Host the London Schools Pollution Helpdesk, advising London schools on the best strategies to combat air pollution in and around their school campus.
    Offer support, resources and tools to businesses to enable them to make low pollution choices.
    In partnership with Opinium, run the UK wide Clean Air Public Insight Tracker (CAPIT), providing information on public awareness and attitudes to air quality.
    Offer public tools such as the Air Pollution Calculator which helps people track their own contribution to emissions and the Clean Air Hub which provides information and guidance on air pollution
Action for Clean Air  Find out more about all our air quality work with businesses, schools, the public and health sector, and our clean air campaigns.


Action for clean air
Sadiq Khan and school children celebrate Clean Air Day 2021
Clean Air Day   Clean Air Day is the UK's largest air pollution campaign, engaging thousands of people at hundreds of events, and reaching millions more through the media. Coordinated by Global Action Plan, Clean Air Day brings together communities, businesses, education and the health sector, improving public understanding of air pollution, building awareness of how air pollution affects our health and explaining some of the easy things we can all do to tackle air pollution, helping to protect our health and the environment too.


Clean air day
Clean Air Hub Logo
Clean Air Hub   The Clean Air Hub is the UK's go-to-public information source on air pollution, bringing together reliable, easy to understand facts and advice in one place.



Our Post-consumerism work

Consumerism as a prevailing value system is causing damage to the wellbeing of our young people and drives behaviour which is threatening the future of our planet. The drivers of consumerism are powerful and ever present – hard for us to resist as individuals.

Global Action Plan's role is to bring together wide ranges of people, getting to the root causes and creating solutions that meet an existential challenge.

Collectively we need to demonstrate that change is possible through smart challenges to apparently impenetrable systems, infuse the sector with fresh visions of a positive future which young people can aspire to, enable environmental educators to reinforce compassionate values and weaken self-interest and establish an accepted cultural narrative that consumerism is damaging to people and planet.

Dirt is Good The ways we have been living have led to major threats to our natural world and the younger generation will experience the most serious consequences of these actions. These rapid changes are taking a toll on young people’s mental well-being. Working with Unilever as thought leadership partner for Persil’s Dirt Is Good Project, we commissioned new research to explore young people’ s values and how they perceive the values of others


End surveillance advertising to kids Children are bombarded with advertising online, much of it precision targeted and highly manipulative. Unlike on TV, there are no rules limiting the the number of adverts shown to kids online. It's time there were. And it's time to end surveillance advertising to children, full stop.


End Surveillance Advertising to Kids
Flickers of the Future The way that we depict the future plays a critical part in how it unfolds, and research shows that the bleak dystopias that films are currently portraying create fear, denial and passivity. Flickers of the future is a competition calling on young content creators to tell a different story - one where humans and planet thrive together.


Transform Our World 

A collaborative online hub that supports teachers in bringing environmental and social action into the classroom through showcasing quality-rated resources, programmes and events available from partner organisations.


The hub features a range of themes from Sustainable Development Goals, to Values and Wellbeing, and Food and Consumption. Regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for teachers happen regularly online for the Transform Our World community, and tools are also featured to help any teacher feel empowered and confident in teaching about climate change.    


Transform Our World also hosts the annual Youth Climate Summit and aims to work with young people through the UK Schools Sustainability Network


Transform Our World