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  • Developing behaviour change campaigns

    From encouraging people to care for the environment to inspiring them to look after their own health – charities need to influence public behaviour on a wide range of issues in their work for a better world. Read more

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  • Engaging employees on the environment can be a challenging business

    A leading environmental charity has found that 85% of sustainability managers believe that there is “a lot more” their staff could do to make their organization run sustainably. Read more

  • Centrica Away Day

    Tom blogs about the recent Catalyst trip to Centrica where the team got an insight into the corporate world. Read more

  • Cleaner air for london

    Our Air Quality programmes empower people to take action against air pollution; either by empowering drivers to cut emissions and improve the air we breathe, or empowering communities to protect themselves from air pollution. Read more

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By 2018 we will have reached 7.5 million people with our programmes, which will deliver lifetime CO2 savings of > 10 million tonnes